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Saturday, 03 Jun 2023

Establishing Your Plants (bare-root plants only)

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Malesiana Tropicals takes great care to ship you only the healthiest plants which have been well acclimatized to nursery conditions and are actively growing. However, it is unavoidable that bare root plants will undergo a certain period of shock after shipment due to the handling of the roots. After you first receive your plants, the following steps should be taken to ensure a minimum of transplant shock so that they may quickly resume rapid growth.


Check all the plants thoroughly upon arrival. If there are any which have died or been severely damaged as a result of shipment, please notify Malesiana Tropicals immediately and send us a picture of the damaged plants.


The plants should be potted into an appropriate soil (see above under Soil). The media should be thoroughly moistened before it is used, and then watered again after the plants have been potted. While potting, care should be taken to spread the roots in the pot. In any case, be sure not to damage the roots during this process as this may stunt or kill the plant. If possible, potting the plants should be done in a cool shady area to ensure that the leaves and roots will not become dry during the process.


Newly potted plants are still extremely sensitive because of their recent transplanting and should be handled carefully. Only several minutes in sun or dry air is sufficient to severely stunt or kill a plant at this stage. They should be immediately placed in a suitable environment for their establishment. The vital factors here are: moderate temperatures (22-27 C), moderate light (60-80% shading), and high humidity (90-100%). Placing plastic bags or clear containers over the plants is an easy way to provide this environment, but care should be taken to ensure that the temperature does not rise excessively. A terrarium can also be modified to serve this purpose easily. The plants can be placed in a more open position in the greenhouse only if they are given frequent misting.


The plants should now be watched carefully for new growth. If conditions become too stagnant, you may notice fungus or algae on the surface of the soil. This is not usually a problem, but can be treated by giving the plants more air circulation. After a week or two the plants may gradually be acclimatised to a more normal environment for their growth. After a month or so the plastic bags may be removed entirely and light increased. At this point you can begin to treat the plants according to the usual cultivation requirements listed in the section above. The plants can be considered established when they have grown several sets of leaves and pitchers.