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Saturday, 03 Jun 2023


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About 15 species of Colocasia are presently recognized, the best know of which is the taro, C. esculenta, a plant that has been grown as a starch crop and vegetable since antiquity. Two species are found in Borneo, although only the recently described mountain taro (C. oresbia) is indigenous. There is some confusion on how to differentiate between Colocasia and Alocasia, and much has been written about the poise of the leaves, etc. However, the easiest way to distinguish them is to observe the fruits. Colocasia produces a drooping spike of small pale yellow or brown fruits that smell like overripe pineapple. Each berry contains numerous small ablong seeds. Alocasia produces erect spikes of bright odourless orange berries. Each berry contains between one and three large round seeds.


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